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Pistol River Flatwater Paddle
1.1 mile Paddle Starter Paddle

Head south on HWY 101 over Cape Sebastian and down to Pistol river state Park. You will see Pistol River Loop, take a left and follow it over the bridge up to Hawks’ Ranch/ Post office. Take a right on the North Bank Pistol River road. After a little more thank a mile you will see as Oregon Department of Transportation sign. Take a right and park. It’s a short carry down to Pistol River where you will find a riffle. Heading East you can paddle in some flatwater about a quarter of a mile until you get to the next riffle. The round trip is about a half a mile. Even when it’s blowing hard down at the beach the tree canopy provides a great wind break. Once you get back to the riffle pick up the board and walk over the small bar and you will find a great paddle down to the next riffle that is about a third of a mile. Round trip back makes it about .60 of a mile.

The water is flat and there is not much of a current. Combine that with the lack of wind and you have a perfect starter paddle. When I did this in July the water was warm and waste deep. This would make a great time with one of the soft tops and the kids.