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Rogue River Old Mill to Jim Hunt Bar
4 mile Paddle 1 hour and 30 minutes

Head out Jerry’s Flat Road about four miles and when you round the bend you will figure out that you are at the old mill site. Nothing there but open space and the old parking lot. Take one of the roads towards the river and park above the first riffle on the map. In the spring when the river is blown out its tough to get more than a mile up stream before the current turns into a treadmill. I did this paddle the third week in July. I put in farther down the river and found a riffle after a quarter of a mile. I walked the board through it and headed upriver. On the map I have marked an area “strong current” I made it through just fine put got a good workout. I stayed south and ended up at a dead end and had to pull the board out and walk 50 feet back to the main river. After a short paddle I crossed the current and got to the North side of the river where the back eddy pulls you around the bend. From the bend up to the riffle at Jim Hunt Bar the current moves pretty strong but is not to tough. I turned around at the riffle. On other days I have walked the board around the riffle and paddled up to Huntley Park.

When you turn around it’s a pretty easy trip back down. On this day the wind kicked up and I had to use the current more than I wanted to . I stayed to the North and got down on my knees through the riffle to the North channel. It was deep enough I could have stood up but did not want to trash the fins. The water moved pretty stiff until you get into the wide part of the channel. The trip around the little island is about a half mile. When you get back in the main channel it’s about a quarter of a mile to the bank.