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Huntley Park to Kimball Creek
3.60 mile Paddle 1 hour and 30 minutes

About 7.25 miles up Jerry’s Flat Road you will see the sign for Huntley Park. Head into the park and drive west towards the gravel bar. Follow one of the routes down to the most south western point. The river is about fifteen feet below the bar but an easy carry. The current is not that strong and there is a back eddy that helps you up to the main section of the bar. Once you leave the eddy, about a quarter of a mile, the current can move fairly swift making for a great work out. Stay close to the bar to stay out of the main current and you will eventually get a back eddy that runs along the trees and rocks on the north side of the river. You will see after about three quarters of a mile where to cross the current and head along the gravel bar on the North until you come to the riffle. I carried the SUP a short distance over the shallow part of the riffle and headed up along Kimball Creek Bar until the current got to tough to paddle so I crossed over to the south bank and used the back eddy and paddled up another half mile. At that point it was late and the current seemed a little strong. You can see the southern portion of Orchard Bar and I think next time I will try to make it all the way up.

I turned around and let the current take me back down about three quarters of a mile. At that point you can see the rock/island that the Rogue goes around. There is a fairly large pond area that I paddled in to get an idea of which side to take. It seemed like the route around the south had some rocks in it so I decided to paddle out to the riffle and cruise by the fishing boat parked in the middle of the riffle. Had a little problem at the point where the currents came together. The water was not to bad though. It’s about a mile back to the start at that point. I was going to go a little down river towards the bar in front of TuTuTun Lodge but I was running out of day light so I packed it in. 3.6 miles and under an hour and a half.