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Rogue River long Paddle
7 mile Paddle 3.75 up and 3.25 back. 2 hours and 30 minutes

Drive down to the Port of Gold Beach across from the dog pound and you will find the boat ramp at the port. I walk the board on down, watch out for the wind from the north, and head out on my knees until I get close to the boat basin riprap which is a great wind shield. It's about .70 miles to the bridge and you are out of the wind . Head up towards Lexís landing and the old mail boat docks, another half a mile. On this paddle instead of heading around the island I headed up the dead end and had to back track to the main channel. When you get back on to the main channel of the Rogue River stay as far north as you can. The bank of the Rogue is about 15 feet high so even if itís windy there is a great band of flatwater. Itís about three miles up to the Cottonwood tree which is one place to turn around. About a half a mile past the Cottonwood tree the Rogue takes over and the current starts to get a little tough. I went up as far as I could in the wind and the current and turned around at 3.75 miles from the boat ramp. Itís an easy paddle down current. All said and done this was 7 miles on a day that Pistol River was firing for the wind surfers. The Key is to stay north on the river and out of the wind,